Welcome to mirror.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net

This mirror is located at Haarlem, The Netherlands and is running on a 10 Gbps connection with approximately 86 TB storage.

This archive is available over http, ftp and rsync on both IPv4 and IPv6.

HTTP [http://mirror.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net]
FTP [ftp://mirror.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net]
RSYNC [rsync://mirror.ams1.nl.leaseweb.net]

If you have any issues or comments, please contact the mirror admins via e-mail
at .

Mirrored Projects:

Project Directory/Module Source Updated every
CPAN CPAN cpan-rsync.perl.org 12 hours
AlmaLinux almalinux mirror.wd6.net 3 hours
Alpine Linux alpine rsync.alpinelinux.org 6 hours
Apache apache rsync.apache.org 6 hours
Arch Linux archlinux rsync.archlinux.org 1 hour
CentOS centos eu-msync.centos.org 6 hours
CentOS vault centos-vault archive.kernel.org 6 hours
Debian debian debian.snt.utwente.nl 2 hours
Debian Archive debian-archive debian.snt.utwente.nl 6 hours
Debian CD debian-cd cdimage.debian.org 6 hours
Devuan devuan files.devuan.org 6 hours
Dotdeb dotdeb packages.dotdeb.org 6 hours
Fedora EPEL epel dl.fedoraproject.org 6 hours
Fedora Linux fedora ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de 6 hours
FreeBSD freebsd ftp4.se.freebsd.org 6 hours
FreeSBIE freesbie ftp.nluug.nl 6 hours
Gentoo gentoo masterdistfiles.gentoo.org 4 hours
Gentoo Portage gentoo-portage rsync2.nl.gentoo.org 4 hours
Grml grml ftp-master.grml.org 6 hours
iPXE files for custom installations ipxe-files https://github.com/LeaseWeb/ipxe-files Push
Linux kernel archives kernel rsync.kernel.org 6 hours
Knoppix knoppix ftp.uni-kl.de 6 hours
Knoppix DVD knoppix-dvd ftp.uni-kl.de 6 hours
MySQL mysql ftp5.gwdg.de 6 hours
OpenBSD openbsd ftp.eu.openbsd.org 6 hours
openSUSE opensuse stage.opensuse.org 6 hours
OPNsense opnsense rsync.opnsense.org 6 hours
Raspbian raspbian archive.raspbian.org 6 hours
Rocky Linux rockylinux mirror.dogado.de 4 hours
RPM Fusion rpmfusion download1.rpmfusion.org 6 hours
Slackware Linux slackware ftp.slackware.pl 6 hours
Ubuntu ubuntu nl.archive.ubuntu.com 4 hours
Ubuntu cdimage ubuntu-cdimage rsync.cdimage.ubuntu.com 6 hours
Ubuntu Releases ubuntu-releases nl.releases.ubuntu.com 4 hours


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